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Nicolai Solling:
Help AG is an information security consultancy company focusing on all aspects of how you protect information. We are now operating in three countries, which is the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and then finally Saudi Arabia, which we opened up here in 2015, about 120 people all focusing on information security. We chose to partner with Pulse Secure because it was a very, very natural thing for us. So Pulse Secure technology has been used by many, many customers, also Help AG ourselves, right? We also use Pulse Secure as one of the IT tools within our infrastructure. We've been working with customers from financials to government to industry leaders in the market where we have been using Pulse Secure to enable and control secure access into the environment. We've been deploying Pulse Secure for thousands of users as a next solution. We constantly evaluate our product portfolio and still today, we can say that Pulse Secure is one of the leaders when it comes to securing access.

Nicolai Solling:
What I'm really happy about is to see how Pulse Secure is heavily investing into how to deal with the mobility of the workforce. And that's not just about creating VPN connectivity from laptops, but also how do we deal with this very, very difficult problem of bring your own device and and be able to enable our users to use either privately supply telephones or corporate supply telephones in a much more flexible way that we have seen it so far. The customers are really happy about the products. We do not have a single customer who's facing stability issues. We don't have a single customer who's unhappy about how the platform performs. Actually, it's one of those products that you implement in an infrastructure, and you kind of forget that you have it because it's so easy to operate and it's so stable